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[Ukerna's Technology Group PGP Homepage]

The United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association (UKERNA) ran the Joint Acadmic NETwork (JANET) on behalf of the Academic Community of the United Kingdom (approximately in 2004 when it saw the solution to authentication of information and privacy of documents to be PGP, and under UKERNA's Strategic Technologies Group and CERT, UKERNA set up a Secure Email project to investigate how PGP can be made easy to use for sending email (integration of PGP into Mail User Agents, management of PGP keys for the community, and user education) which has its own page.

Although only due to generate a report, it has already seen the requirement of making PGP easily accessible as a pre-requisite, so has arranged for a collection of useful URLs to be made. Note that the recommended version is 2.6.2i which is available as binaries for Atari-ST, Archimedes, Amiga, Mac, OS2 and DOS, with src patches for VMS.

Some collected PGP pages are:

Lookup a key using BAL's server at,, (Catalan) or (Norwegian).
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